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  • Where would I use a Gimme Tape?
    The Gimme Tape can be used in a variety of situations. It is a great way to establish a consistent Gimme range during a round with your buddies so no one gets upset or questions why a putt was given. It is also perfect for use in tournaments, especially friendly captain's choice events or charity events. We can customize the Gimme Tape with your brand or logo for a truly unique swag bag item.
  • What's a Gimme?
    A Gimme is usually a putt that is so short the golfer is assumed they will make it and are allowed to just pick it up instead of putting it. However, Gimmes can get out of control and sometimes are expected to be given even when they are not a sure thing they will make it.
  • Does the Gimme Tape have any other uses?
    In addition to a fun way to establish the Gimme range, the Gimme Tape can also be used a few other ways. On the driving range you can use a tee to hold one end and the ball mark repair tool on the other end to hold the tape in place as an alignment tool. It is much easier to carry around than an alignment rod. It is also very easy to move one end to change your target line as you dial in different clubs at different targets on the range. Also, once you realize you are missing some of those short putts that used to be Gimmes, you can use it as a putting alignment tool on the practice green. Find a straight put and use a tee in one end and stretch out the Gimme Tape to a full 7' to hone your putting skills so those just outside of Gimme Range are no problem to sink.
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